Deirdre Kato


My career with Capital OB GYN began in 2023 . Prior to that I worked on the east coast as an OBGYN for 20 years and as a hospitalist delivering patients and caring for very high risk pregnancies. I grew up in Watsonville, California and attended medical school in Dublin, Ireland followed by training in Boston, Massachusetts. My reason for attending medical school in Ireland was twofold. First, my mother is from Ireland and this allowed me to spend time with family. Second, the clinical training in Europe is unparalleled and I was fortunate to learn the “art” of medicine. As a college student at the University of California, San Diego, my major was in art history with an emphasis on non-western arts. In the past I have also done medical volunteering for underserved patients such as those who are refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, in rural Pakistan, and the refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece. I, myself, am from a mixed background as my mother is Irish and my father was from Hawaii and his parents were immigrants from Japan. I always find it interesting to learn about other’s traditions and customs. Taking care of pregnant patients from different countries at Capital OBGYN, including those with obstetric complications, is especially rewarding to me.

I am very proud to be a part of an organization such as COG where I know all of my colleagues take excellent care of our patients. When I am not working at Capital OBGYN in the wintertime, I am so blessed to be able to return to my home in Ireland where I am a sheep farmer. My job at COG is the best I have ever had because I love the patients, the clinic staff is superb, and I know we take the very best care of our patients.

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